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Outdoor Safety & Survival Section

    Welcome to our Safety Section. We have long been interested in equestrian safety and have accumulated a lot of information over the years. Most of the information in this section comes from TrailBlazer Magazine's "Survival Guide" series and our involvement with an equestrian safety program we like to call the "Equestrian Crash Course".

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    Presenting this information is a continuing process and we think you'll find it both interesting and useful. Perhaps it may save you or your horse serious injury, which is why we're going to the trouble to prepare this information for the net. (Based on feedback received, this information has prevented some accidents.)

    I would like to specifically thank Susan Gibson, Publisher of TrailBlazer Magazine, for her permission to post the "Survival Guide" articles. (Please note that the "Survival Guide" material is copyrighted and is available for your own personal, non commercial use. If you would like to use it for other purposes, please contact TrailBlazer Magazine.)

    Also, if you have some areas of interest which you would like us to write about, please email us. A contact link appears at the bottom of this page.


Catching Difficult Horses
  • Some basic steps to more easily catching loose horses, or teaching your horse to be caught
Working Horses - Staying A "Kick" Away
  • How to size up when you might get kicked and how to prevent it
What's Your Head Worth?
  • Breaking your helmet and walking away from it

Where's the Airbag?
  • New technology - automatic air bag vests for riders

First Aid Supplies for the Barn
  • A checklist of first aid supplies useful around the barn
First Aid Supplies for the Trail
  • A checklist of what you should be taking on serious trail rides
First Aid Supplies for the Trailer
  • A checklist of first aid supplies useful when trailering out
30 Steps to Good Trail Manners
  • Things every good trail rider should know
Equestrian Crash Course Credits
  • An acknowledgement to those who made the workshop possible


Citizen First Responder on the Trail
  • How to deal with various accidents on the trail
Coping with Fractures
  • How to deal with fractures and/or suspected fractures
Coping with Wildfires!
  • What to do if you get caught in a forest or range fire
Heat Emergencies
  • How to recognize and handle heat emergencies in humans and horses
Moving Target!
  • How to avoid becoming some hunter's trophy
Pests on the Trail
  • Avoiding and dealing with insects and other pests on the trail and in the barn
Poisonous Plants
  • Plants which are toxic to horses and how to deal with them
  • What to do when encountering rattlesnakes and how to handle snake bites in horses and humans
Staying Found
  • How to avoid becoming "one of the missing" when in the great outdoors
Safe Stream Crossings
  • How to size up a safe stream crossing and what to do when one goes bad
  • How to deal with a severe thunderstorm when out on the trail
Trailer "Survival"
  • Pretty much everything you need to know to safely and reliably tow horses (and other stuff)
Water Shortage!
  • How to find water and what to do if you can't
Wild Encounters
  • How to avoid close encounters of the worst kind
Survival Test!
  • Test your preparation and outdoor survival skills!


Protecting Your Horse in the event of Fire, Earthquake or Flood
  • How to prepare yourself to protect your horse and what to do in a major emergency.
Biting and Stinging Pests
  • Links to NCSU information sheets on control of these pests (iincluding in pastures) and avoiding bites and stings.
Africanized Honeybees
  • Links to important information about Africanized honeybees in the US.
Recovering your Missing Horse
  • Important steps to take if your horse, mule or burro is missing

(More features are on the way!)

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