KBR Equestrian Safety Information

by Sharon Lamm

(For saddle bag or cantle bag)

Original publication: 6/12/87.
Revised: 5/19/94.
Adapted for cross linking to the Evac page: 8/11/12.

Note: These recommendations were originally published for first aid kits used by serious trail riders. However since then we have found the same inventory useful when conducting range rescue activities. Therefore we have cross-linked this feature with our Emergency Evac training and information section.

Bringing in an orphan foal whose dam had died on the range.
Here's what we've found to be a practical first aid kit to carry on horseback. It all fits nicely into a cantle bag that we take on all trail rides.

Horseback First Aid Kit Rev. 5-19-94
1 Pocket first aid kit 21. Forceps
2. Baggie of band-aids and towelettes 22. Small hand towel
3. 2X2 gauze pads 23. Kleenex
4. Kotex (for bulk dressing) 24. Dental floss
5. Waterproof bandaging tape 25. Velcro straps
6. Ace Bandage 26. 2) 6" rubber hoses
7. Antibiotic ointment 27. Scissors
8. Vet wrap 28. Moisturizing lotion
9. Triangular bandage 29. "Chapstick"
10. Phenylbutazone ("BUTE") tabs or paste 30. Aspirin, Tylenol, etc.
11. Betadine (diluted) 31. Antihistamine
12. Electrolytes 32. Insect sting swabs
13. Compact mirror 33. "Visine"
14. Safety pins 34. Eye pad
15. Small rubber bands 35. "Digel"
16. "Desitin" ointment 36. Sewing kit
17. Hoof pick w/ brush 37. Sun screen
18. 12cc bent tip catheter 38. Drop cloth
19. Insect repellant wipes (horse) 39. Emergency money
20. Insect repellant wipes (human) 40. TRAIL MAPS!
All the supplies listed will fit neatly into a cantle bag.

Be sure to inspect your first aid supplies periodically, particularly at the beginning and end of each trail ride season!

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