LRTC Information Sheet
March, 2013
"Morningstar Dancer"
Part Two

This is a continuation of the original report on this rescue. Please visit Part One for the background of this case and description of the field rescue.

June, 2013 follow-up.

Morningstar Dancer has progressed far better than anyone expected. Even in the early days of her rehabilitation she would try to bear some weight on her injured leg. The greatest issue involved preventing infection. She needed some confinement at first and then was allowed to increase her physical activity.

Dancer is on the right in the "blanket corral."
Eventually getting more use of her leg outdoors.
Because Dancer had to favor her crushed hoof and it took some time for the structures to heal and properly generate new hoof material, it grew out with some distortion and had to be corrected.
Trimming the damaged hoof to restore proper balance.
June, 2013. Hoof growth restored and nearly normal.

Here is a video of how Dancer moves now that she has healed and had some corrective trimming performed on her hoof.

Dancer has been freezemarked. In July she went to her new permanent adopter where she will grow up with another adopted BLM orphan foal.

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