Sheldon Widlife Refuge Burros

Burros available for adoption in Nevada
Spring, 2005

This is an archived historical document.
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The Sheldon Wildlife Refuge is home to a large number of burros. Early Basque sheepherders and miners are the ones thought to have first introduced burros to the area. Good conditions inside the refuge have led to rather substantial increases in the burro and horse populations there.

Although the Fish and Wildlife Service neither has the budget or obligation to operate an adoption program, the folks at Sheldon opted to make every effort to place these animals (unlike the National Parks Service whose initial response is often to try to shoot them.)

LRTC and other groups have stepped in to help facilitate adoptions of these animals.

As in the past, we found these burros to be in very good condition and almost tame. We could scratch them in the trailer without their getting upset and they tended to follow us around when we walked through their corral. They shoujld ajust well to domestic life.

Rocky snoozing on the trailer floor
"OK, I'll come out."
Priscilla and Elvis
"The Boys"
Fonzie checking out the camera
Exploring the burro corral
Relaxing on the sand mound
Meeting a human

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