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Last Updated: 2-29-04

Visiting with the weanlings
Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC), an authorized adoption agent for the State of Nevada, has taken in a number of weanlings and mature horses that have been displaced due to the extended drought conditions in western Nevada. These guys were in bands that were trapped after they had wandered down into urbanized areas where several horses had been struck by cars on the highway.

The horses have been cleared as being in good health by the State Veterinarian and have had their first round of vaccinations. Many were sent to "Group Foster Care" in Sheridan, CA.

Adoption fees are $150.00 each.

The state adoption program is similar to BLM in that adopters must meet minimum facility requirements. Animals adopted through this program remain under the jurisdiction of a state adoption agent for a minimum of one year, after which title will be issued to the adopter if the horse was properly and humanely maintained during the adoption period.

PLEASE NOTE: The horses on this page have all been adopted. We left this page on the web for the benefit of viewers who are following horses available for adoption.
Please to view a complete listing of all available animals.


Eight new Virginia Range "Comstock" mustang weanlings have been picked up from the state corrals and are awaiting adoption. They are now in Sheridan and can be seen here.

Blizzard (8 Y.O. Gelding- ID# 0505)

Blizzard is a dark bay. The kids named him Blizzard because his mane looks like it had been through a blizzard. We don't believe he was aged correctly and is more on the order of 6 or 7 years old, but we haven't had a chance to check his teeth yet. He appears to be a sensible horse. More pictures can be seen by clicking here.

Blizzard has been adopted!


Nani (3 Y.O. Mare- ID# 0498)
Spring (Foaled 3/20/03 - ID# 0498A)

Nani is a young bay with a nice star-strip-snip and rear socks. She was a little spooky around people at first. She looked after the Lincoln weanlings like a "big sister." She appeared to be pregnant so we took things slow with her.

The pair are currently at KBR in Knightsen, CA being worked by the volunteers. Nani's progress can be viewed by clicking here.

Nani and Spring have been adopted!

Nani & Spring (2 hours old)

Hitchcock (8 Y.O. Gelding- ID# 0474)

Hitchcock is a dark bay. He was named Hitchcock (as in Alfred Hitchcock) because when he first came in he was pretty spooky. He's calmed down quite a bit while in Foster Care. Hitchcock appears to be a sensible horse.

Hitchcock has been adopted!

Hope (5 Y.O. Mare- ID# 2598A)

Hope was adopted a year ago as a pregnant mare. She had a wonderful filly and was on her way to being gentled when her adopter took seriously ill. She needs to be reassigned to a new adopter who can finish her gentling and give her a great long term home. Hope has a current Coggins test and health certificate. To view her case study, please click here.

Hope has been adopted!


Norris (3 Y.O. Gelding- ID# 0483)

Norris is a nice red roan gelding with a star & rear socks. His Foster Caregivers report:

"He wants to understand people. He will carefully approach and take food from our hands, he watches everything, doesn't seem jumpy. He is friendly with our other horses through the fence, and has meet all our other animals." His progress can be viewed by clicking here.

Norris has been adopted!


Additional horses have been picked up by the state and are listed here as they are processed.

View Additional Horses Available in California

For adoption information please go to How to Adopt a Comstock Wild Horse, contact Shirley Allen, LRTC Adoption Program Manager, at or telephone 775.246.7636.

To make an appointment to view these horses please contact Sara Christensen, Group Foster Caregiver, at or telephone 530.633.9974.

Chow time for the babies!

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Adopters of Comstock Wild Horses must meet minimum requirements including corrals and shelters appropriate for holding a wild horse. In accordance with State regulations, titles for adopted horses are not issued until the adopter has properly cared for the animal for one year. For more information please click here.

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