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Horses Wanted

Listing Date: 10-15-04

L.G. Williamson wrote:

"Wanted: Affordable horse(s) to adopt, <$350/ea. in Central KY. Will take if you can no longer care for them. Dun, Buckskin or Chestnut colored horse to adopt for my daughter. Must have a good temperament. Also, would like to adopt a black, palomino or gray horse for myself. The horses would have a good home with 80+ acres, regular vet care & a lot of love. Please e-mail me."

Email L.G. at

Southwest Missouri
Tall Jennett Burro Wanted

Listing Date: 9-18-04

Cathy Hill wrote:

"Wanted: Tall stout built BLM jenny, any age. Should be large enough to ride or drive. Prefer the light dun colors. She will have other long ears for company (mules and donkeys). Will consider ungentled to adopt or gentled. We have safe pens and feed good hay (brome and orchard grass mixes) and good pasture. We know how to properly feed and care for long eared critters and I train humanely with Meredith Hodges techniques.

"I'm not close to the adoption sites so I will depend on someone who can be honest about the jenny and I can have her delivered or if close enough will make a trip to pick her up if I can get there and back in a weekend. Photos and information about her personality and any problems are a must."

Email Cathy at

Cremello & Perlino Mustangs Wanted

Listing Date: 6-27-02

Jackie Raysik wrote:

"I'm looking for cremello & perlino mustangs. Mares and fillies preferred, colts considered any age. I want them for my 1/2 Arab breeding program. Any conformation types considered. Must be pure mustang, no other breeds or 1/2 breeds. Gentled or not does not matter, as I have past experience. Can transport from anywhere, but I am located in NW Missouri. Arab/Mustang palomino & buckskin mares or fillies also strongly desired."

Email Jackie at

Stout Gelding or Mare Wanted

Listing Date: 8-7-02

Sandy Prater wrote:

"Wanted: A stout, well trained, mustang gelding or mare. Must be safe enough for a beginner and strong enough to carry a larger (180-200 lb) rider without strain/damage. Prefer a mount that does not requirea lead horse and is willing to go on trails alone. Would like a horse between 5-16 years of age and in the Georgia/Florida area. I will be using him/her as a lesson and occasional trail mount and would be aresponsible owner concerning vaccinations, farrier services, proper feed, ect... He/she would not be ridden extensively or under harsh conditions. A mount trained in the English discipline would be helpful butnot required. Also, mustang crosses will be considered if they meet the aforementioned criteria."

Email Sandy at

Pony Wanted

Listing Date: 6-07-02

Susan Bolton wrote:

"I need a bomb proof pony for a beginner child, free to $500 and will pay extra for shipping out here.

Email Susan at

16hh Mustang Wanted

Listing Date: 5-15-02

Sarah Okumura wrote:

"Wanted: Large (16hh+) Mustang with English training, suitable for novice H/J and Dressage rider.Should have capability to be competitive at local open shows. Willing to pay fair price for agreat horse - I would much rather put my money on a Mustang than the usual TB or Warmblood. Thehorse I buy will get a great home and have a chance to promote these wonderful horses. Ialready successfully show my other Mustang in open Western shows.

"I'll also consider an immature and/or untrained horse that would be expected to top out at 16hh."

Email Sarah at

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