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Disaster Preparedness Tips

Here is a quick checklist of things you need to consider for your family's and your personal safety.

  1. Recognize the disasters that could affect your community. Fire, earthquake, floods, mudslides, hazardous materials spills, are among those to consider.

  2. Learn proper "Duck, Cover and Hold" techniques in "safe spots", and teach others.

  3. Mitigate home and workplace hazards such as strapping water heaters to prevent fires and securing large furniture to studs in walls.

  4. Store supplies. Water is essential! Then consider food, first aid, warmth and provisions for children, elderly and pets.

  5. Develop a neighborhood roster with out-of-area contacts. This will help with communications after an event.

  6. Prepare a utilities map of the neighborhood that shows the electricity, gas and water shutoffs of each house. These maps will allow these to be turned off by others if a homeowner is not able. Such action could prevent fires from starting and spreading throughout the neighborhood.

  7. Attend the disaster preparedness classes offered through the your local public safety agencies or Community Center to gain complete survival and self-help information. Share this information with your family and neighbors.

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