Wild Horse Mentors at the
Vallejo Wild Horse Adoption
Page 2

Here is a photo collage of some of the activities that took place.

Dina working with
young Corey
Slick with Jan and Lesley
(who was very mellow)
Sunny and Sheryl learning
about space and yielding
Little Nugget and Jan
Lesley on Slick with Jan
CJ & Willis
dragging a tire
Hue, Willis & CJ
strolling with the tire
Willis and CJ
doing trot maneuvers
Willis and CJ
trotting over the tarp
Sheryl and Sunny
learning to clear obstacles
Hue & Willis with Nugget
"Time to focus."
Dina & Corey
"I think I'd rather eat grass."
Nugget and Willis
(Just a cute picture
... of Nugget!)
Slick and Hue
"Focused Training"
CJ and Patty getting
ready for another demo
Slick and Hue
He's a big one!
Patty and CJ
Warming up to the obstacles
CJ and Patty-
Tarp trot-overs while
waving the bag on the stick

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