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Snoopy is a yearling out of the Twin Peaks herd near Susanville. He has a slight deformity in one hip so he is considered a special needs horse. While he is healthy and sound and plays with the other horses, his irregular hip will probably make him unsuitable for use as a saddle horse. However Snoopy is very friendly, curious and smart and would probably make a fine cart horse.

The following photos were taken on December 2, 2004, when Reporter Nicole Chavez from KTVN Channel 2 was filming a story on wild horses. His foster caregiver, Betty Retzer, appears in the photos with Snoopy.

(Click each photo for a larger view.)

Under the new wild horse law, Snoopy runs the risk of being shipped to a livestock sale if he isn't adopted. Snoopy is available for adoption from BLM for a reduced fee of $25.00. Adopters must meet BLM requirements and sign a BLM Maintenance and Care agreement.

For additional information, please contact Foster caregiver Betty Retzer at blretzer@yahoo.com or telephone her at 775.629.9197.

Thanks to KTVN Channel 2 for running the story about America's wild horses and Snoopy. Please visit their web site at www.ktvn.com.

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