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Transport-1 Inventory

Updated August 7, 2012

This information sheet is primarily intended for persons associated with or working with the LRTC Emergency Response Team, however the information may be useful to other groups or private individuals who may wish to similarly equip a support unit or who may need to utilize the resources available from LRTC's Emergency Response Team.

Transport 1 is configured differently from the other transport trailers. It does not normally carry loading panels although panels can be loaded and carried on top. In addition to personal horse supplies, it is stocked with gear not normally carried on the other transport trailers. It also has overhead equipment storage capability.

  Unit Inventory

The following inventory is typically carried on Transport 1.

  • Equipment normally stored in the dressing room

    • Drinking water

    • Horse blankets

    • First aid kit

    • Cattle marking crayons

    • Extra halters and leads

    • Horse handling sticks and flags

    • 2) lariats

    • Manure fork and cleaning supplies

    • Fly spray

    • Collapsible water bucket

    • Rubbermaid feed tub

    • Plastic tarp

    • (Human) jackets

    • 36 inch bolt cutters

    • Tire chock

    • Tire chains

    • 4-way lug wrench

    • Triangle reflector stands

    • Portable fire extinguisher

    In addition to the dressing room supplies, Transport 1 carries a utility box having the same inventory as the regular transport trailers.

    A 40 gallon portable water tank can also be placed on-board if needed.

    Water cache, tire chains, feed tub and personal horse gear.
    Portable toilet, collapsible bucket, horse blanket box.
    Utility ropes, halters, leads, misc. supplies.
    Lariats, cleaning supplies, horse handling sticks.
    In addition to interior and loading lights, Trailer 1 also is equipped with side lighting on both sides near the feeding racks. It also has a high capacity marine type battery to power lighting and accessories when not connected to a tow vehicle. The battery is automatically recharged by the tow vehicle or it can be charged from a solar panel.
    Example of side lighting.
    High capacity battery.

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