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Rescue 3

May 3, 2014

This information sheet is primarily intended for persons associated with or working with the LRTC Emergency Response Team, however the information may be useful to other groups or private individuals who may wish to similarly equip a support unit or who may need to utilize the resources available from LRTC's inventory during an emergency.

Rescue 3 was built to provide a more compact and rapidly deployable technical large animal rescue vehicle that also had reasonable off-road capability. The technical rescue training trailer, originally owned by Michael Connell and that was used to simulate trailer accidents and rescue scenarios, was retrofitted to carry a set of technical large animal rescue equipment.

Jeep inventory includes:

  • 8,000 Lb. winch and cable

  • Snatch block and pulleys

  • Heavy rescue rope

  • Shovel

  • Polaski Tool
  • High-lift jack

  • Extra fuel

  • "Big Beam" 6v. lantern

  • Fire extinguisher

  • (Human) water cache

The Jeep is equipped with an 8,000 Lb. electric winch, snatch blocks and pulleys, high lift jack, extra fuel, a fire shovel, Polaski tool and a water cache.

Trailer inventory includes:
  • Large and small Rescue Glides

  • Glide sheets

  • Becker Sling

  • Water rescue harness

  • 2) 30 ft. recovery straps

  • 18 ft. rescue strap

  • 2) 12 ft. rescue straps

  • Fiberglass Stokes basket

  • Steel strap guide

  • Flexible strap guide

  • Hydraulic jaws and rams

  • Power cutting tools

  • 36" bolt cutters

  • Aluminum wedges

  • Rescue and prying tools

    • 6 foot breaker bar

    • Halligan Tool

  • Rescue and utility ropes

  • Sledge hammer

  • Fence repair equipment

  • Rescue hooks (various)

  • Rescue clip with lead

  • Plastic tipped pike pole

  • Axe belt and rescue axe

  • Mechanic's tool set

  • Come-along

  • 5-kw electric start generator

  • Portable lighting

  • Extension cords

  • Incident support equipment

  • Caution and utility tape

  • Folding table

  • Personal safety gear

  • Incident Support Tub
  • Drawbar ring

  • Webbing cache

  • Rescue pack

  • Cordless drill and saws

  • Personal safety harness

  • Life vests

  • Padding and blankets

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Tow ring

  • Traffic cones

  • Collapsible outhouse

  • Portable toilet

  • Collapsible garbage can

  • 40 gallons of water

  • Garden Hose

  • Steel wheel chocks

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The training information presented in these information sheets and guides is offered for illustrative and volunteer refresher purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual hands-on training. Funding for much of the training and equipment shown was made available through a grant obtained by the Nevada Department of Agriculture. For more information about training opportunities, please contact LRTC via email.

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