Least Resistance Training Concepts

Volunteers Training for Emergencies

  LRTC Emergency Response Team

Incident Support Unit 1

Part Two

Note: This is Part Two of a resource document that begins on Part One where the context is explained.

Interior View:
  Interior Equipment and Supplies

Interior Cabinet 1:
Top: Safety Officer helmet and vests, halters.
Bottom: Air For Paws (inside use) and Air for Paws (field kit).

Interior Cabinet 2:
Top: Spare helmets, reflective vests.
Bottom: Paper plates, reflective vests, jab stick sheath, pillow.

Interior Cabinet 3:
Small office supplies: pens, pencils, dry erase and permanent markers.

Interior Cabinet 4:
Infection control supplies: gloves, sanitizers, heavy paper towels.

Interior Cabinet 5:
Additional gloves, N95 masks, kettle, heating saucepan.

Interior Cabinet 6:
Toilet tissue, Styrofoam cups, paper towels, canned meat, Kleenex, cutlery, napkins, Ziploc bags.

Interior Cabinet 7 (Interior access):
Top: Towels and padding, Light wands and flashlights, evac kit.
Center: Brush fire jackets, rain jacket, foal medical bag
Lower: Bulk water, beverage service, nutrition.

Interior Cabinet 8:
Emergency foal supplies (Electrolytes, enemas, iodine, bottled water), bulk dressing.

Interior Cabinet 9:
Foal-Lac, antiseptic, vet wrap, Kerlix.
(Under the cabinet in gray slide box: Dan-Inject Jab Stick.)

Behind Captain's chair:
Broom, folding chairs, cold box, fire extinguisher.

"Evac Supplies" compartment:
Animal relocation forms, ICS Forms, safety whistles, glow sticks, phone books, counter brush, dust pan.

Bench seat compartment:
Spare oxygen cylinders, regulator, valve key, horse blanket (not shown).

Ceiling over bench seat:
Boat hook, cattle marking stick.

Inside rear doors:
OSHA first aid kit.

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The training information presented in these information sheets and guides is offered for illustrative and volunteer refresher purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual hands-on training.

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