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  Gelding Wild Stallions for Placement in Sanctuary
August 26, 2013

This photo collage illustrates the activities of the LRTC crew facilitating the gelding of 25 former free-roaming (tribal) stallions in preparation of relocation to a California sanctuary. Additionally, 6 colts and 17 mare and foal pairs had blood drawn and a few horses were treated for injuries sustained in the gathering and sale process.

Chutes, funnels and sorting wells were constructed using heavy gauge BLM spec "mustang panels."

The stallions had to be divided into small groups, then sorted individually into the vetting squeeze, then sedated and blood samples taken, then gelded.

The stallions in a 5 acre corral in the feed lot.
Unloading the vetting squeeze.
A group of stallions split from the herd using construction netting.
Horses in the holding well.
What it looks like standing inside the sorting well sorting one out of 16 stallions.
The panels are configured so that the horses make a 270 degree turn before entering the squeeze.
The crew working the squeeze.
Doc sedating a horse in the squeeze.
Better perspective of the layout.

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